Planning to Gain Some Weight?

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Many people envy you for having a body that doesn’t seem to absorb any fats from whatever you are eating. They just don’t know how much food you consume while you are alone in your condo Makati Philippines. Gaining weight for you is a struggle!

Others might ridicule you or even tag you as boastful, but maybe they just don’t understand how hard it is for you. If you are planning to gain some weight to at achieving your ideal body mass index or BMI or go from underweight to normal, here are some tips for you:

1. Get yourself a food diary

Keeping track of what you will help you monitor your development or challenges. You will see if you are eating the right food or no, and eventually know which part of your diet makes it hard for you to gain weight. There are some online programs or applications that you can keep on handy if you don’t want to jot it down.

2. Prioritize the quality of the food rather than the quantity

If you think that eating bulks or tons of food will magically make you gain weight, it won’t. Also, thinking that consuming fast food or unhealthy snacks will buff you up, it won’t as well. Maybe yes but they are not good for the body. You just fill yourself with bad fats. Go for whole grains, protein, fruits, and vegetables.

3. Eat more than your usual routine

Not compromising number two, eat more than your usual three full meals. Insert some morning, afternoon and even midnight snack. But then again, make sure you are eating healthy food.

4. Drink healthy fluids

Some alcoholic beverages will just make your tummy bloat but not your body. Again, your goal is to gain weight healthily effectively. Do away with diet soft drinks or soda and start with smoothies and fruit shakes.

5. Have an exercise or workout routines fitted for you

Do not think that exercising will make you lose what you are trying to gain. Well maybe there might be some but ensure that your routine targets to eliminate the unhealthy fats you have. You can ask your trainer or instructor to give you something that would help you with your goal. Inform them that you are trying to gain some weight.

6. Set attainable and realistic goals

In order to monitor your achievements, you need to set goals first. However, you should have something that is doable or within reach. If you are just starting for a few days, you don’t expect to gain 5 kg immediately. It takes time so do not pressure yourself. You know your body better so make sure that your goal is not too high or low.

7. Consult with experts and professionals

This is very important if your current weight is very far from your ideal weight. It is okay to ask some tips from friends but getting it from experts is better and safer. Do not take pills or supplements that are not advised for you to take.

8. Surround yourself with people who motivate you

They may positively motivate you or challenge you to be better. Having a good support system along the way is important.

9. As much as possible, don’t stress yourself too much

Do not pressure or burden yourself too much. Enjoy the process even if it tires you or drains you out. Do not worry! You will be able to achieve your goal. Everything that is worth it takes hard work and patience.

We hope that this is helpful in your endeavor. It is fine to monitor changes, but you also need to wait for the effects to take. Healthily adding some pounds are as hard as for others losing weight. Remember that we have different body types, metabolisms and factors that affect our diet and lifestyle. Don’t forget to ask professional advice if necessary.

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Travel

tourist foreigners in a boat with locals

If you are the person who is loud, outgoing and always on the go, you are the type who evidently enjoys the nightlife in Manila; on the other hand, those who do not have the same personality and vibe as you do, they have other things they want to do in life. However, not all people want to travel that is quite surprising. Why? It is because there are tons of good reasons on why you should!

Technically speaking, we are almost always traveling. From our houses to schools, going to your work or somewhere else’s place. As defined, to travel is to move from one location to another, go to a place, which is far away from your origin or starting point. The traveling that we are pertaining to is a trip where you are going to somewhere aside from your usual routine – not related to your school, workplace, and house (except if it’s a rest house but not your “primary” home). So why should you give yourself a chance to travel?

Your body and mind need and deserves a good break

Working eight hours or more a day, totaling to more than 40 hours a week is really draining. All the stress – physical, mental, spiritual – consumes you in some ways. Come to think of it, even in just your usual workday, and you already want to go somewhere and take a break. It is because you are exhausted. This is same with the people who go to school or who has activities to do that make them endure mental and physical tiredness. Give yourself a good break.

Where you are right now is just a tiny dot in the world – explore!

Try to imagine it this way: search for the world map and identify where your country is. Next, pinpoint your city or province, and then try to find where you live. Are you able to find where it is? You are so lucky and amazing of you did! The point I am trying to make is that the whole other parts of that map are waiting to be explored by you and that idea also leads us to our next reason:

Immerse yourself in different cultures and people

You probably know other cultures and people through your readings like books and magazines, shows you’ve seen on TV or from the stories of others. However, remember that you should not just settle with that. People have different lens or perspective in looking into things, so the ones that you’ve read, seen or heard are affected by their biases.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money

There are a lot of ways you can seize the opportunity of traveling. In this age, you can avail of cheap travel and tour package, seat sales in plane tickets, and discounts and promos for your stay. You just need to plan well and look for the cheapest alternatives possible.

This kind of experience is something hard to explain and totally hard to forget

Traveling is something worthwhile doing and soon telling to other people. You can’t deny that it earned a special spot in your heart. Maybe your journey is one of the things that can help you go through with your daily life or makes you feel that the world is indeed beautiful.

Simply because you only live once (YOLO!)

Don’t sing Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” to describe your feels about traveling! Do not wait for that another life to do what you want. Go to a trip at the very least, once while you are still here “now.”

Maybe now you have other reasons why you think you should go for a journey. Entertain those thoughts and then ready yourself for the other parts of the world waiting to be discovered by you.


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6 Dos and Don’ts in Other Person’s Kitchen

group of friends cooking in the kitchen

You might have been invited to your new friends home and asked to spare a few hours to bond, cook, and dine. Surprisingly, it is your first time in someone else’s kitchen. Obviously, there is still a line between “feeling at home” and knowing your boundaries.

LPG home delivery arrived

Don’t: Stand of the delivery person’s way, and we know that is just rude to do that. Also, don’t just welcome the delivery person as if you are the owner of the house and know where he or she should go to install the LPG tank. Come on, just don’t.
Do: Ask the owner of the house if he or she ordered for an LPG tank. Let the person know that someone has arrived to deliver his or her order.

You are not aware of what he or she is instructing you to do

Don’t: Maybe the owner is asking you to cut something in a fancy way. It is “fancy” because you don’t know what it is, so you just do what you think it is. Don’t pretend that you know everything.
Do: It is okay to ask, and it doesn’t make you less of a person. And hey, you will also learn from asking.

You do not know how to use the appliances they have at home

Don’t: Stop with the hocus-pocus and “bahala na” or let’s see if you can make it work. Do not press any button or plug the appliances and hoping to operate them properly.
Do: Aside from asking, you can carefully read the instructions or manuals of the unit. If you can’t understand it, ask for assistance. For sure, your other friends or the owner him or herself would be glad to walk you through the process.

Preparing the ingredients for your recipe

Don’t: Sit back, relax and enjoy the show – no. They will always say that everything’s well even if you know that isn’t.
Do: Participate and let them know that you are there to help. That is different from being too much of the “I can” person. Show your interest and offer them a hand in preparation. In the first place, you are there to bond and talk about things, and not a mere spectator of something.

While cooking the food

Don’t: Do not use the cooking spatula to taste the food and we are all aware of the reasons why. Avoid leaving the food unattended especially if you know that you should be all eyes on your task.
Do: Get a spoon to taste the food and no double dipping. Use the spatula to put some food on the spoon and not directly dipping your spoon. Ask another person to watch the food if you need to go somewhere else.

After making the meals

Don’t: Just don’t leave the kitchen immediately. Also, don’t lie if the food doesn’t taste good.
Do: Again, offer a helping hand. Make sure to clean and wash the dishes if possible. Moreover, give honest comments about the food. It will help you and the other people who cooked to improve doing your next meals.

The things mentioned above are just a few notes you should be mindful. Nevertheless, you will encounter a lot of invites to cook and dine in other person’s place, so your knowledge about these things will get better and better. To sum it up, communication mainly asking and being genuinely interested is the key to having a very good time in someone’s place especially in the kitchen. He or she is your friend, right? Ask away! Be eager to learn more and don’t be shy, to be honest.

Valentine’s 2017: Fun and Unique Things to do Around Manila


“Valentine’s day is an opportunity for couples their love for each other. But the showcase of love should not start and stop at that day, but rather should continue for the rest of the time they are together” Author Unknown

It is that time of the year again where for a full week (or at least on Valentine’s Day), you are seemingly surrounded by couples regardless of wherever you might be. Shopping malls would rejoice for they will be raking in extra revenue during the loved up week; couples would bask in the warmth of a day that was specially dedicated to their love and those not in relationships are constantly reminded of how glaringly single they are. Fortunately, the day of hearts is not only reserved to those in committed relationships; but it is also a day everyone can enjoy.

If you are part of a couple who is tired of the usual activities (Let’s face it, most restaurants are fully booked and the standard chocolates and flowers seem cliché) or someone just looking to have a little fun with your friends, here are quirky and unique things you should try around Manila this Valentine’s week:

1.) Have your fortunes read in Quiapo

Whether by pure curiosity or keen interest, there is a certain allure in knowing what the stars and the future hold for you. You might be skeptical as to their accuracy and veracity, but whether you believe them or not, listening to fortune tellers of Quiapo is an offbeat way to spend Valentine’s Day—and they are worth listening to! Select a medium (palm or tarot) and listen to what the future holds for you. If you have a date with you, you can even get a reading on your future as a couple. A quick caveat, though: Not every prediction you hear would be positive. But hey, you do not necessarily have to believe in all of them.

2.) Bird watching in Nuvali

Bird watching in the Philippines is already steadily becoming a thing, and though it may seem like a dull idea for a date, there are a lot of benefits attached to it. Apart from the obvious calm and tranquility you get from just observing avian life, bird watching teaches you mental alertness as well as patience—two desirable characteristics your date could pick up. Also known as nature’s yoga, birding also allows you to appreciate the beauty of nature. If you and your date are nature lovers, this activity is definitely for you. Single individuals would also love this opportunity for relaxation without the usual crowd of couples around them.

3.) Explore abandoned heritage buildings

On an ordinary day, you would have probably scoped out any Manila shopping mall and looked for things to do. If you have lived in Manila all your life, there is a good chance you have already been to most of the malls in Manila. With this in mind, it would be a good idea to venture into something a little less usual—particularly if you are on a date. Inject a bit of fear factor and a dose of culture and history and take your date on a tour of the city’s abandoned heritage buildings. There is no shortage of these buildings around Manila; the Metropolitan Theater and PNR Paco Station are a couple of them just to name a few. If you or your date are avid “Instagrammers,” you are guaranteed to have great raw material for your feed—no filter needed!

4.) Explore Intramuros on a Segway

Intramuros is a well-known dating place for lovers, and over the years, it might have become a little cliché. Well, to add a bit of spice to your usual tour, why not explore the place on a Segway? It is definitely an offbeat way to navigate your way around the historic district. Apart from the that, there are a lot of activities and games you can think of while you are on your segway—making your date extra fun and extra memorable.


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Dating 101: Five Fatal Movie Date Mistakes To Avoid


“If you treat the first date as an interview, it will feel like one. Just be yourself and let your personality shine.” -Author Unknown

We have all known that dinner coupled with a movie date is a tried and tested formula and with Valentine’s Day coming up, couples will certainly be queuing up to buy tickets to see any blockbuster movie. So, what makes a movie date tick? Why is it the activity of choice for couples who are still getting to know each other? Apart from the obvious fact that there would be less talking in a movie theater (thus significantly decreasing the likelihood of saying the wrong things), it would also be exceptionally difficult to fumble a movie date. After all, you and your date would only have to sit back, relax and watch the show. The movie would also leverage what you and your date can talk about over dinner.

However, this does not mean that every movie date is a guaranteed success. So, before you consider having your Valentine’s Day date in any Solenad cinema or movie theater, take a gander at the fatal mistakes you should avoid:

1.) Arriving late

Regardless of whether this is your first date or not, arriving late is not only rude, but it would also mean you would miss the first few minutes of your show. Unlike a restaurant which may hold your reservation for fifteen minutes or so, the movies must go on with or without you. You cannot rely on previews and ads to serve as your buffer, so it helps to arrive early. To make sure you do not miss the movie’s introduction, set a time up for you and your date to meet an hour earlier than the movie is scheduled to start.

2.) Arguing about which movie to see

While the inviter usually dictates which movie to see, it would be great if you also took your date’s preference into consideration. You may be all psyched up to see a particular action movie, but your date is more inclined to watch a romantic comedy. In situations like these, it would be best to compromise and remember to be flexible. If you chose the movie the last time, it might be a good idea to let your date pick the film this time.

3.) Playing with handheld devices

Let’s face it, you are not going to like every movie you would see, but it would be the height of disrespect to show absolute disinterest in the film to your date. In the previews, you are always reminded to keep your phones on silent or off during the movie and for a good reason. It would not only be rude to your date but the people surrounding you as well. If you happen to be on call or asked a babysitter to call you should there be an emergency, give your date a heads up regarding this before hand.

4.) Talking during the movie

While you cannot stay absolutely silent for the entire duration of the movie, you cannot also have a full-blown conversation with your date. Keep your voices to a bare minimum and as much as possible, save any talking for later. You would not want other patrons to throw you looks of annoyance which might escalate to having the movie attendant usher you outside—an embarrassing feat to occur on a first or any date at all. If you and your date want more time to talk, do it in the vicinity of a coffee shop or restaurant.

5.) Never doing anything else

Catching a movie is an excellent idea for dates, but when it is all you would ever do at dates, it can easily get tedious. Inject a little more spontaneity into your dates, and look for something that provides more opportunity for you and your date to have a decent conversation. Remember, movies are great, but if it is all you and your date would ever do, either of you might be using the movie to serve as a buffer to avoid having a real conversation.

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Water Surfing and Wakeboarding Safety Tips



“To stay the course, sometimes you have to make waves.” -Author Unknown

Undoubtedly, water sports in the Philippines has become rather popular that more and more individuals are engaging in this type of sports. In fact, water surfing and wakeboarding in the Philippines has become popular over the years. True enough, with the high adrenaline and endless fun provided by both activities, it is easy to see why thrill seekers and water sports enthusiasts would flock to it.

However, it can be easily dangerous as well if safety precautions and practices are not strictly adhered to. Before you plan a fun frolic on the beach, here are some safety tips to make sure your water excursion stays safe and fun for everyone.

1.) Check the weather

Before heading out to the beach, it is always ideal to check for the weather conditions and if it would be a good day to spend swimming. Similarly, you should do the same if you plan on surfing or wakeboarding. No matter how excited or how prepared you are, you should not risk the boarding through an inclement weather and neither should you when it is extremely windy out as the water can become choppy. Generally, rain can impact visibility, so it is best to save your date with the ocean for another day.

2.) Wear Life Jackets

No matter how skilled you are at swimming or how confident you are in the water, a life jacket makes the difference between drowning and staying alive whenever you are wakeboarding or water skiing. You will never be able to predict what could happen in the water and your only hope is to prevent it by wearing an appropriate preventive suit. Riptides can happen, you could crash which would leave you unconscious and several others which are all dangerous enough without the risk of you drowning.

3.) Avoid crowded areas

Apart from keeping yourself safe in the water, it is also important to keep those around you from harm. This should go without saying, but it is best to surf or wakeboard where there are no other people and when there are no other vessels in the immediate vicinity. Should there not be enough room for passing, then it is understandable that water surfing and wakeboarding should be stopped and postponed for another day.

4.) Have two persons with you in a boat

If you would like to surf or wakeboard in deeper waters, it is best if you have at least two people in the boat with you rather than just the driver. The driver would not be able to keep his eyes on you as he would most likely focus his attention out in the ocean. Having another person with you who can watch you as you waterski is ideal as they can readily report to the driver to stop should anything go awry.

5.) Know the layout

Prior to your water excursion, it is best if everyone involved would have a thorough knowledge about the water environment. This would include you, the driver, your designated watcher and everyone else involved. This is not limited to knowing the size of the body of water but also knowing where the boundaries are situated, the location of any hazards such as pilings, stumps, and buoys. All of these is essential in avoiding any potential harm that may come unto you during the course of your activity.

Water surfing, skiing, and wakeboarding are just some of the great activities you can enjoy on the water. However, just like any sports related activities, there are certain dangers involved, so it is always best to keep yourself safe as a prior knowledge to some of the safety tips can be the difference between drowning and survival.


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