The Five Surprising Benefits of Walking



“Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person’s physical, emotional and mental states.”-Unknown Author

It has been said that walking is the best possible exercise and that we must endeavor to habituate ourselves to walk very far. In fact, walking does not even seem like an exercise as it is something we routinely do every single day—regardless of whether the distances are long or short. Walking is one of the few exercises that do not require athletic skills or special equipment and yet offers you a range of health benefits—from losing weight, controlling your blood sugar and blood pressure to lifting your mood. However, humans as we are, we tend to get lazy and neglect to walk at all. We have a penchant for favoring convenience over exercise which is why we take lifts instead of stairs or commute on our way to work regardless of how short the walk would be.

Walking seems almost effortless, and yet we still find ways and excuses to avoid doing it. But you would be surprised at how even a short brisk walk every single day can significantly impact your life. So, if you are planning to integrate a fitness activity into your routine or are simply planning to do some walking in Nuvali here are the ways it can boost your health:

1.) Manages your weight

Walking helps you manage your weight as it aids you in burning calories. Furthermore, if you complemented walking with proper nutrition and diet, you would have even faster results. Studies conducted at Harvard University has shown that normal women who ate a standard diet and walked for at least an hour a day were able to successfully maintain a healthy weight.

2.) Get Blood Pressure in line

It is no question that walking gets your heart pumping which would essentially help you lower your blood pressure. In fact, research has been conducted in Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory and has found that moderate-intensity walking yields the same results as jogging and was just as effective at lowering the risk for high blood pressure.

3.) It protects you against dementia

Walking has been associated with improved cerebral blood flow and can lower the risk of vascular disease. Additionally, it protects you against dementia which often comes with old age. In fact, studies have shown that habitual exercise is one of the failsafe ways to successfully combat onset and advancement of this particular disease. Lastly, walking at least six miles a week has proven to be linked with less brain shrinkage.

4.) Helps you prevent osteoarthritis

To prevent osteoporosis, a bone-thinning condition, as well as the degenerative diseases that would cause joint swelling, pain, and stiffness, one should engage in forms of weight-bearing exercises. Walking is an excellent avenue for a weight-bearing activity. In fact, if you walked each day moderately or got involved in other aerobic activities, you are likely to develop healthier knees as walking can aid in the maintenance of healthy cartilage.

5.) Control diabetes

Diabetes is a debilitating disease, but it can be prevented or controlled through brisk walking. In fact, simply walking for twenty to thirty minutes a day can help you lower your blood sugar for at least 24 hours. Furthermore, as walking has been associated with weight loss, delaying or even preventing the onset of the disease ensues. With this in mind, it is important to consider brisk walking every single day and adding it your routine as it helps you maintain a healthy weight as well as prevent a myriad of potentially deadly diseases.

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Deskercise: Seven Exercises You Can Do From Your Desk in the Office

“I do it as therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline.” –Jack Lalanne

Back in the day where manual labor dominated the workforce, people would have to exert physical effort and energy in order to accomplish most tasks. In that era, working literally meant toiling away and as a result, exercise was secondary. Consequently, because most individuals were required to expend sweat and energy as part of their daily routine, people were rarely rotund. Today, however, as business industries become more and more prominent, a lot of individuals are seen working behind desk—with hardly any time for exercise and fitness at all. Indeed, a sedentary lifestyle—especially one that sees you sitting behind a desk for about eight hours in a day—can lead to weight gain. In fact, a sedentary lifestyle has been attributed to obesity in some extreme cases.

As we are mostly confined to working on our desks, we are constrained to limited amounts of physical activity which makes us prone to weight gain. Adapting a fit lifestyle can be a bit of a challenge considering that unlike other individuals, you cannot simply go for a sprint in Nuvali or the like.

However, there is a range of exercises and physical activities you can do—even while you are at your desk. But, you must be committed to doing them once every single day to see results. It might seem small and insignificant, but even a small exercise is better than no exercise at all.

1.) Shrugs

This exercise mainly focuses the shoulders where you raise it up towards your ears. Hold it for a few seconds and then release them. For good measure, make sure you repeat this a few times.

2.) Seated To Soldier

To do this exercise, you are required to sit straight up and tall. Then you extend your right arm pointing towards the ceiling while holding your left leg out straight. After which, you raise your leg as you bring your right arm down and touch your left foot. For good measure, try to do 8-10 rounds on each side.

3.) Reach for the stars

Akin to stretching, this exercise is about interlacing your fingers and reaching towards the ceiling—as high as you possibly can. Take note: You need to keep your palms facing up towards the sky while doing this exercise.

4.) Reach and bend

Extend your right arm over your head and as far as you possibly can, try to reach your left arm then gently bend over. For a few seconds, hold this position then do it the other way.

5.) The Stair Master

Instead of taking the lift or escalators in going to your office cubicle, take the stairs instead. Not only will this elevate your heart rate, but it will tone your calves as well. For more positive results, take two steps in a time to feel that leg burn.

6.) Jog

Instead of spending your breaks visiting websites or slaving away on your computer, why not go for a short sprint instead? Take a mini break and do a stationary jog in your place or jog towards the cafeteria or meeting room. Pick up those knees and raise them high for a little more huff and puff.

7.) The Mover and Shaker

If you want a quick and brief spaz sesh, relieve some stress and yourself with a quick dance number. Simply stand up and do a little shake and move dancing to get that energy kicking and going.


Now that you have seen alternative physical activities you can do while you are working at your 9-5 job, you have absolutely no excuse not to start working out. After all, excuses do not create results and if you start getting rid of those excuses, only then will you see visible results.

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Fitness Alternatives: Five Unconventional Fitness Activities to Do If You Hate the Gym


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” –Aristotle

Looking great and being healthy requires unwavering dedication and commitment on your part.

In fact, a lot would argue that being fit and healthy is not simply a phase one would undergo, but rather a lifestyle inasmuch that you have to choose to be fit and healthy every single day. Unfortunately, while the majority of us would want this lifestyle for ourselves, not all of us have the determination and discipline required to see results. Most of us are under the impression that a spectacular looking body can only be attained by fitness activities in the gym. On the contrary, however, there is a range of alternative activities you can do to get and stay in shape—apart from going to the gym. In fact, most of these are trendy and fun to do, so now you absolutely have no excuse for neglecting to get in shape—take note, excuses do not burn calories.

So, if you have a strong adversity for gym memberships and an absolute dislike for running on treadmills, here are some of the alternatives you can consider doing:

1.) Walking

If you have not tried any fitness activity all your life, then it might be a great idea to start small. Although the results would not be immediate, making walking a habit would create a significant difference to your body. You would not only feel much healthier, but you would feel stronger and a lot more energized. Start small by walking the nature trails of Nuvali while enjoying the sprawling verdant landscape it offers. Gradually work it into your routine by opting to walk instead of driving instead. In your workplace, for example, take the stairs in lieu of using the elevator to get to your floor.

2.) Go with a playground favorite

Have you ever wondered why back when you were a kid, you never seemed to gain weight despite how much you ate? Well, apart from your fast metabolism, you might have regularly played on playgrounds back then. If there are activities you used to enjoy as kids, there is no reason for you to stop doing them now. Playing with hula hoops, for example, is guaranteed to tone your abs, glutes, thighs, and arms. For better results, use a weighted one and play with it for at least thirty minutes to burn approximately 200 calories.

3.) Pole Dancing

Pole dancing is not only limited to dingy and rather seedy bars, it can be an alternative fitness activity as well. If you have ever wondered why a majority of pole dancers are in such slender shapes, it is because they are able to lithely work the pole. Pole dancing strengthens your core and tones your muscles. Considering that it has been a growing trend, a lot of gyms have started offering lessons and classes on this activity as well.

4.) Yoga in the air

To incorporate fun into your ordinary yoga routine, why not try a new yoga challenge that brings you up to the air instead? Aerial yoga might sound a little daunting at first considering how easily you can fall, but with a few classes, you would be able to get the hang of it. By integrating traditional yoga moves while in a large silk hammock, you would effectively twist your body and maneuver it into stretches which would then effectively work your core. Furthermore, while you are working out, you would be relieving stress as well which is not bad for just a single fitness activity.

5.) Fencing

If you are an avid fan of medieval themed mini-series and movies, then you might like some of their activities too. Fencing, for one, is medieval-themed fitness activity that is guaranteed to let you burn calories while you work on your reaction time and accuracy as well. Essentially, it works both your mind and body sans the risk of getting injured. The workout is rather fast-paced which would raise your heart rate as it improves your agility, speed and tone your muscles as well.

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Fitness 101: Four Ways Yoga Can Affect Your Brain


“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.” -B.K. Iyengar

The practice of yoga and the art of meditation may have been done for thousands of years, but it remains to be one of the fitness activities many individuals enjoy today. Apart from the rich history it has, it offers participants an avenue for relaxed meditation and self-introspection. To individuals who are not engaged in the art, yoga may simply look like the act of doing various contorting positions that look seemingly impossible to do. But to those who know better, they know it is so much more. The best thing about yoga is that you can do it almost anywhere so long as you have an ample enough space to lie on a mat. Regardless of whether you have just started out this activity like a fitness regime or are regularly joining a class, you would know for sure that this ancient practice carries with it a broad range of significant health benefits.

It is already given that yoga has many physical benefits and in ways more than one, it helps you shape your body by increasing your flexibility and enhancing your muscle tone. However, often overlooked but just as important are the mental benefits that are attached to this practice. Yoga has been associated with reducing stress levels and improving your overall well-being. So, if you are contemplating on attending a yoga class in Nuvali, the benefits below might help reinforce your decision:

1.) It helps calm the mind

We are undeniably living in a perpetually busy world with hectic schedules. With everything going on in a day, it is inevitable for us to encounter stressful situations and chaotic occurrences. With all these considered, having a way to de-stress, center on yourself and just relax would be almost welcome. The practice of yoga compels you to slow down which would allow you to experience the benefits of deep breathing and in a sense, the power of de-stressing. Some of these techniques can be easily incorporated into your daily routine which would then break negative habits that lead to increased stress levels.

2.) It improves cognitive functioning

Living chaotic lives inevitably leads to fogging of the brains and as a result, you would have a reduced ability to focus. However, it has been found that even just a half an hour session of yoga would be able to combat that. As said above, yoga aids in calming the mind which would then enable individuals to eliminate thoughts that are nothing but pure distraction. In yoga, the focus is centered on your posture, body, and breath and as a result, you will have an increased sense of self-awareness–one of the excellent avenues and mechanisms for reducing stress.

3.) It improves daily happiness

Yoga cultivates a more positive state of mind, and in turn, you will lead a happier lifestyle. There are many aspects of yoga that would encourage you to have a positive way of thinking with techniques such as mindfulness which has been proven to make individuals happier. So, if you are feeling a bit under the weather, just spend a few minutes on yoga and do it daily and you can see how your daily life will significantly improve.

4.) It delivers brain gains

Yoga has been showing to make you feel happier and a lot calmer, but it can also alter your brain. Research has shown that individuals who regularly practiced yoga had more brain cells in various areas of their brain. The more hours you clock in, the larger these areas were. So, if you feel swamped by work or are just generally overwhelmed with your life, just take a quick break–even a thirty-minute yoga session should do the trick nicely.

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Three Surprising Reasons You Are Still Not Losing Weight


“Your body is the baggage you must carry through life. The more excess the baggage, the shorter the trip will be.” -Arnold H. Glasgow


You are determined to lose weight.

You have tried all the diets recommended, went on crazy workouts, revamped your entire lifestyle and even took on some Yoga and fitness classes in Nuvali. Surely, after weeks of going all out and turning your beast mode on in the gym, you would surely find some results? Not likely. Much to your disappointment, after weeks of rigorous training and suffering through diets, you have discovered that you did not make the weighing scale budge—not one bit. Or if you have, the change is not substantial enough to merit a celebration from you. Frustrated and defeated, you think of giving up. But do not do so just yet. Instead of waving the white flag, let those stubborn numbers strengthen your resolve and encourage you instead. You might wonder what you are doing wrong and why you are not getting any results, but if you give up now, then all that hard work you put yourself through will truly be all for naught.

Before you decide on giving up, it might be time to revisit some of your exercise techniques and diet regimens and see if you are doing anything that is hindering your progress. In any case, here are some of the reasons why you might not be losing weight despite weeks of discipline and training hard:

1.) You do not drink enough water

Never underestimate the importance of good ol’ H2o in your life. In fact, when it comes to shedding off excess pounds, drinking more than enough water is a crucial factor in contributing to your weight loss. Water has been associated with suppressing your appetite, and as a result, you are less likely to overeat. Furthermore, water ensures that your kidneys are functioning well as if it does not, the body would turn to the liver for additional support. Considering that your liver is already working hard, more of the fat you consume would instead be stored instead of burned off. So, swap out those sports drinks for traditional water instead. It is not only easier on your pocket, but better for your diet as well.

2.) You skimp protein

You might have developed the misconception that protein, much like carbs, are bad for your diet. But it has in fact been shown that high-protein diets would actually result in more pounds lost. This is because protein is known to enhance the feeling of satiety and would prevent you from losing muscle as you keep on losing fat. So, load up on those lean meats and poultry and get your much needed dietary intake of protein every day.

3.) You sit at a desk all day

You might think that just because you work behind a desk all day, you have no room for a bit of workout in between breaks. However, this is a large misconception as there are a lot of activities you can do despite being limited to your office desk all day. During breaks, try to walk around the workplace instead of sitting in front of your computer. Make up for your sedentary lifestyle by moving once in a while. You might be surprised to know that even if you do work out hard at the end of the day, your crazy work outs would not be enough to compensate for being sedentary majority of the day. So, get moving. Walk for a bit and once in a while, go to the cafeteria and just get that much-needed number of steps in a day. Does your office building have stairs? Use them in going up and down and skip the elevator.

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Six Exercises to Complement Your Yoga Routine



“The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” -Morihei Ueshiba


Known as a core practice in the art of Zen and associated with deep meditation, Yoga has been a rather popular alternative fitness activity that many individuals enjoy. In fact, it has become rather popular in the Philippines that classes and sessions are offered almost everywhere such as in Nuvali. It provides one with many health benefits, and when consistently done, it can promise a myriad of results such as being more leaner, fitter flexible and having an overall better outlook on life. One of the ways to improve your skill in yoga is to attend regular sessions as these would serve to increase your mobility, tone your muscles, condition your body and improve your balance. But it would be best if you complemented your yoga sessions with extra fitness activities whenever you have extra time to do so. Here are some of the activities you can do to supplement your regular yoga sessions:

1.) Cardiovascular

Keeping your heart and lungs healthy is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. To do this, cardio workouts are necessary. Some of the ways you can do this are to brisk walk, run, attend water aerobics class and do some cycling. Another excellent avenue for cardio activities is to do some house chores. You will be surprised how general cleaning and lawn mowing can get your heart rate up, so you might as well do some sprucing up. Not only will you be getting that much-needed exercise, but you would have a spotless and impeccable house as well.

2.) Rock climbing

If you want an activity that would keep you fit as well as test your endurance and strength, then rock climbing may be for you. It is an excellent complementary exercise that would improve your agility and dexterity. For first timers, this activity can be a bit challenging and strange as well, but it is great for balance and strength which would be perfect for yoga.

3.) Intervals

Quick but effective, interval training is great for efficiently burning away extra calories. This activity is fairly straightforward as it would only require you to complete a set of different workouts within a short time. This is perfect for individuals who are running a perpetually busy schedule and would only have a few minutes to spare for fitness activities. Workouts can be as short as twenty minutes and as long as forty-five. The goal is simple: continuously transition from high-intensity workouts to the recovery phase then repeat.

4.) Slacklining or tight roping

While this might be a new fitness concept to most, it can be an awesome complement to your yoga sessions. Slacklining requires you to be continuously focused so that you can stay on track—much like how yoga is, but with a little bit more ferocity and energy.

5.) Strength Training

One of the essential things you are taught in yoga is to hold your body weight which makes strength training recommended—if not, necessary in addition to your yoga sessions. Try to incorporate strength training activities into your yoga sessions and as a result, you will greatly improve the endurance of your muscles. Furthermore, strength training would aid you in holding and staying in your yoga positions. If you wish to exercise from home, resistance bands would be your exercise tool of choice. However, weights and regular dumbells would allow you to concentrate on other areas and each muscle group.

6.) Rowing

A common misconception is that rowing is centered on exercising the arms and the back. However, this fitness activity is not limited to that as the pulling movements would also require you to use the strength of your legs. A rigorous session of rowing would be effective in burning fat and toning your muscles—especially on the upper part of your body. Lastly, considering that yoga is low-impact in nature, this would help your body recover from your onerous sessions in rowing.

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Five Reasons You Should Visit Nuvali on A Weekend


With Sta. Rosa Laguna lies a master-planned residential, commercial and recreational development complex that is known as Nuvali. Marketed as a sustainable community development, it is a manifestation of the collaborative endeavor between the top developer, Ayala Land Inc., and the Yulo family. Today, Nuvali remains a wholly sustainable community that promises a little something for every individual that comes to visit. Individuals of diverse lifetyles—from food enthusiast, nature, and eco-lovers, leisure travelers, adrenaline junkies, kids and kids at heart would all find something to do in this development. Uniquely planned, Nuvali has excellently integrated aspects of nature into its design which makes it an environmentally-friendly space that would foster the symbiotic relationship between man and nature. If you ever find yourself with free time on the weekends, here is a list of excellent reasons why Nuvali should be one of your destinations:

1.) Premier area for escaping the stress

The hustle and bustle of everyday life would be enough to subject anyone to indiscriminate amounts of stress. Whether you are working on an eight-hour shift, are preoccupied with a lot of things or are just generally exhausted, you would reach a point wherein you would crave for a little breather—a brief respite from the toxic environment of the metropolis. This desire would prompt you to look for a heavenly sanctuary away from the city and where you can just relax and enjoy the fresh air for a while, and there is no better place to do that than Nuvali which is also known as Laguna’s finest unwinding spot. Considering that Nuvali is developed with the harmony of nature and a recreational establishment at the core, you can expect no shortage of lush greens and sprawling lawns—the perfect place to be immersed and one with nature.

2.) Appreciate beautiful sunsets

Sunsets can rarely be seen in the city as they are usually obscured by the tall buildings scattered all around the metro. Typically, if one wishes to see the city in congested cities, it would require a bit of an effort as you would have to look for an appropriate place such as the bay area where the view is clear. In Nuvali, sunsets are better appreciated and are unobscured which makes for better photographs and posts for your social media feed.

3.) A myriad of activities to enjoy

Nuvali is not only a visual feast with its fantastic scenery, but you have a multitude of activities to enjoy as well. Fitness buffs and sports enthusiasts would enjoy the running and biking trails—especially as it provides for a change of scenery. Instead of the city’s tall skyscrapers, a runner or cyclist would now enjoy nature as his or her backdrop. Furthermore, nature lovers and enthusiasts would enjoy sightseeing, fish feeding, and bird watching—activities which young and old can enjoy. Additionally, these two activities are incredibly relaxing, and with Nuvali’s breathtaking, you can even simply sit and just take in the magnificent view of nature.

4.) A dining haven for foodies

Nuvali plays host to a wide array of diverse restaurants that food enthusiasts would certainly find something to sink their teeth into. Whether you are craving an international dish, craving for healthy and low calorie eats or have a hankering for something a bit more indulgent such as ribs and the like, the restaurants of Nuvali can cater to you. Likewise, if you want to try something a little different, you and your family or friends can always have a picnic. It is one of the most enjoyable things you can do and would make your meals extra fancy and extra special. Just plop your picnic basket down anywhere, but if you want a cozy and exquisite ambiance, pick a spot near the pond.

5.) An avenue for retail therapy

Individuals with a penchant for shopping are going to love Nuvali. Nuvali is home to an array of great shops and trunk shows. During the holidays, bazaars are particularly dominant. Considering that Solenad 3 just recently opened, visitors are given better options for shopping from sporting goods to luxe fashion items.

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